Our warranty terms

Please, understand that we can not accept  insufficiently stamped packages and that they will be returned to sender.

Dear customer,

our products are subject to a strict quality control. However, if they should not function, please always contact your dealer first who will gladly and competently help you with the warranty process.

Please, be aware that:

  • The warranty is limited to the original buyer.
  • A copy of the receipt of purchase or another purchase proof is necessary to claim warranty rights. Without this the warranty term applies from the manufacturing date indicated on the equipment.
  • The warranty expires, if serial number, date or type label, have been removed or misused, or if the device has been installed incorrectly, altered or repaired by an unauthorised party.
  • Our responsability is limited to repair or substitution, as we choose.
  • Any guarantee for our products is limited to 2 years starting from the date of purchase.
  • All parts subject to wear and tear, or limited life span, are excluded from the warranty claim (such as microphone, ear pads, decoration, batteries and other accessories).
  • We are not responsible for secondary or following damages due to the use or abusive use of the devices.
  • This declaration of guarantee grants you certain rights in addition to possibly different rights existing in your country.
  • As long as the manual does not state otherwise, the user has no right under any circumstances within or after the warranty period to carry out maintenance, adjustments or repairs on the device. For such work the equipment must be sent in to the salesman, the manufacturer or a certified service centre.
  • We are not responsible for loss or damage occured during shipment. Any repairs made by unauthorised parties on our devices lead to immediate expiry of the warranty.

D-Parts Mobilphon & Zubehör GmbH return form

Please, enclose with your return  the fully filled return form, as well as a copy of the bill or delivery note.

Returns without fully filled return form can not (or only with delay) be processed!

You can download our return form as PDF-file:

D-Parts return form

PDF-Link: D-Parts return_shipment form.pdf 372 kb

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