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With the FontaHome App you can comfortably control and monitor all compatible smart home devices anytime and anywhere without complicated configuration from your Smartphone.

No matter if you're using lights, switches, sockets, alarm systems such as door sensors, water sensors, motion sensors, surveillance cameras or sirens - with the FontaHome app all smart home devices are centrally managed.

Furthermore, the app offers functions such as groups, timers, countdown, notifications and scenes for automation to secure your home with compatible devices and perform frequent actions fully automatically.

Family and friends can also access the devices in Family Management. It is also possible to set permissions.

Integration with third-party services, such as the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice services, allows you to control your smart home devices even more conveniently via voice without having to pick up your smartphone.

The integration to IFTTT also offers numerous possibilities for automation.

Notes: A working Internet connection is required for the function of the app and the devices. You must register before using the FontaHome app. You can register by entering your mobile number, e-mail or Facebook login.

The cloud service runs on servers in Germany and is subject to the EU general data protection regulation. All communication between the app, devices and servers is encrypted.

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