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FontaFit app Features:

  • Monitor your heart rate with the all-new FontaFit 120 Pulse to get the best excercise results.³
  • Get a quick overview of your sporting achievements, such as steps, distance, burnt calories and your daily goal.
  • Compare your achievements with the last days, weeks, and months and increase your sports activities until your goal is reached.
  • Record your route with the app while hiking, running or jogging.
  • See what's the best time to sleep and get up with the integrated sleep analysis. The app shows you the duration of the light and deep sleep phase and how often you were restless during sleep.
    The band will store your activity up to 7 days if you don't wear your device with you.
  • Share your achievements with friends on social media, messengers and other apps.
  • The band will notify you about Incoming calls, text messages, iMessage and push notifications by vibration and icons on the display, so you stay informed even if your device is set to "Silent".¹
  • If you didn't actively moved for a longer period of time, the band can remind you to stand up and catch up on it.
  • The band helps you to wake up with vibrations at defined times.
  • Shake the band to take pictures. This feature helps you when you have no hand free.²

Note: If your sleep data is not automatically transferred to the app, swipe down in the sleep view to manually sync the sleep data.

The free FontaFit app is designed for "Fontastic" activity trackers.

¹ This function is only available, if the app is running in the background.² This function must be called within the app.³ This function is only available on the FontaFit 120 Pulse.

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