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Retro-Design Wi-Fi Lamps

Retro Design WiFi LED Lamps

The FontaHome LED light bulbs in retro Edison Design, with Wi-Fi Controllability can be controlled and dimmed via theFontaHome app. Due to the LEDs the lightbulbs, that are designed to look like a filament lamp, are very energy efficient, which isn’tjust good for the environment, but also saves you money. The LEDs are also resistant to shocks and more robust and enduringthan conventional light bulbs. The light bulbs can be installed into standard E27 sockets, so that you can replace conventionallightbulbs with ease.With the FontaHome app you can control not just one lamp, but also group multiple Wi-Fi enabled lamps together, so that youcan control entire buildings with the app. You can also set schedules with IFTTT, so that lamps will be turned on at a previouslyset time.

Retro-Design Wi-Fi Lamps Retro-Design Wi-Fi Lamps Retro-Design Wi-Fi Lamps Retro-Design Wi-Fi Lamps