wireless car charger holder 5V 1A 5W black

Inductive charger and holder "Witra"

Inductive Charger and holder Witra, wireless, efficient charging for all smartphones that support the Qi wireless charging standard. The inductive charger can easily placed on
the ventilation grille in vehicles.
Witra holds devices securely in their position and allows
the horizontal or vertical use of smartphones.
The induction charger has a micro USB input meets the
required safety and efficiency requirements.

wireless car charger holder 5V 1A 5W black

Technical Data:

• Charging method: Inductive
• Compatibility: Devices with Qi Standard
• Input: 5V DC 1.5A
• Power output: max. 5 Watts
(depending on Input power)
• Charging efficiency: Up to 72%
• Power transfer: 110~205KHz
• Wireless distance: up to 8 mm
• Coil: Single coil
• Charging Area: 324mm²
• Port: Micro USB
• Bracket width: From 54 to 87 mm
• Operating temperature: -0° to +40° C
• Relative humidity:10%~80%
• Dimensions:
103.8 x 76 x 50mm
• Weight: 76g  

  • EAN-Code 4024559251795