Sport Arm Case Atletico

Arm Case Universal Atletico

This  universal  Armcase  is  a  practical  and  safe  solution to  keep  your  smartphone  safe  whilst  jogging  or  othersportive  activities  even  in  the  dark. 

The  breathactive  strap  made  of  neoprene  can  be adjusted individually  and provides best comfort. The  slot  on  the  band  of  the  case  can  be  used  to  keep your  key. 

Your  Smartphone  is  protected  from  rain  and dirt  by  the  transparent  front  and  all  function  of  the devices  ca  be  used  without  restriction.This  armcase  is bordered  with  reflectors  and  it  is  provided  in  universal sizes  ML and XL.

Sport Arm Case Atletico Sport Arm Case Atletico Sport Arm Case Atletico

  • velcro fastener Upper arm circumference 25-40 cm
  • Very suitable for slender arms Protection against splashing water, rain, dust, dirt and sweat
  • Includes key pocket , headphone cable output
  • Large transparent panel
  • lightest durable and soft material made ​​of neoprene and nylon
  • reflective border for visibility in the dark


ML: 127x67x11mm
for example, Apple iPhone 5/5S or Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

XL: 142x72x10mm
for example, Apple iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S5